Trapped nerve? The best solution to fix a trapped nerve

Published: 30th June 2009
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It is estimated that about 82% of the population in Germany suffer from chronic back pain at one time or the other. One type of back pain that is very common is called trapped nerve.

Conditions like back pain should not be ignored and treatment should be taken instantly

Trapped nerves usually occur in adults over 36. It is very important to look after your back.

not standing correctlyor not sitting correctly. It can also be caused by picking up heavy objects. The nerves in the back and the spinal column are amazingly easy to damage so they can't take any type of forceor on them.

Trapped nerves is a problem that occurs due to the pressure of the important tendons and muscles. If the condition is not looked into soon it can have major repercussions at a later date. Of course it is advisable that you take preventive measures to avoid continuous pain.

Some the surrounding tissue may also become largely inflamed and you may have to consult a specialist if this continues soon. Not all type of back pain are caused by trapped nerves. Therefore it is so important to find the cause so that proper treatment can be administered.

The pain in the back may also spread to other parts of the rest of the body such as the arms. You may also suffer from a tingling feeling in those parts. There could also be numbness or a tingling feeling in the toes and the fingers. The back and the neck may also become stiff. With treatment, the trapped nerve becomes relaxed and the pain gradually subsides.

Easy to do exercises can be a great help. You can simply lie down flat on the floor and pushing your body upwards with your arms while keeping your hips flat. Relaxation techniques also work great as your muscles need to relax and the pressure on the nerves will subside.

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